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Welcome to :: an online resource for Caribbean Trip planning. The site features overviews of most hotels, resorts, villas and condos in each destination. Each hotel site offers a property message board and hotel review system so users may ask questions and submit/read visitor trip reports.

To find a property, select an island from the left hand navigation or go to the Advanced Search option. Each property that offers a booking option features photos, descriptions, visitor reviews, message board, recommended reading and rates of the property.  Other properties may only feature a description, visitor reviews and message board.

What to expect in the Caribbean...? Shimmering beaches framing unbelievably clear waters. Intimate villas. Wonderful restaurants serving food from all over the world. Colorful underwater trails and coral reefs. Friendly people with their own unique cuisine and culture. First class sailing and challenging sport fishing. Shopping for some of the finest jewelry and designer items in the world. That's what awaits you in our Caribbean! Now sit back, relax and let us help you plan the vacation of a lifetime!

More about the Caribbean ... The West Indies archipelago, which includes thousands of tiny islands, forms a massive breakwater 2,000 miles long consisting of islands and reefs, which protects the Caribbean Sea against the Atlantic Ocean. This barrier provides the Caribbean its much touted calm and clear waters.

The West Indies is known by a variety of names. The earliest name, and the one most frequently used, is West Indies. Christopher Columbus gave the region that name erroneously when he arrived in 1492. He thought that he had circumnavigated the earth and that the islands were off the coast of India. Over time other names came into use.

Spain and France called the islands the Antilles, after the mythological Atlantic island of Antilia. The larger islands (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola - Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico) came to be known as the Greater Antilles, while the remaining smaller islands were called the Lesser Antilles. Today we break the area into four island chains: The Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, and the eastern and southern islands of the Lesser Antilles. Together, these islands cover more than 91,000 sq. miles of land area.

The Lesser Antilles are divided into the Windward Islands and Leeward Islands, names referring to the position of the islands relative to the trade winds that blow steadily from the northeast. The Windward Islands consist of the islands close to the northern coast of South America. The Leeward Islands consist of north eastern group of islands.

- The principal islands of the Windward group are Dominica, Grenada, Martinique, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago.
- The main islands of the Leeward group are Antigua, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and the Virgin Islands - St. John, St. Croix, St. Thomas.

The northernmost island chain is The Bahamas. The Bahamas include 29 inhabited islands and nearly 3,000 islets stretching southeastward from Florida. Most of them are flat islands formed from coral and limestone.

The Greater Antilles is the largest and westernmost chain. It includes Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. The four main islands comprise nine-tenths of the entire land area of the West Indies. Cuba alone has almost half this area. The main island of Cuba covers 105,006 sq km (40,543 sq mi).

Featured Properties

Turks and Caicos Featured Hotels & Resorts
Treasure Beach Resort - Providenciales: 10% Discount

Cozumel Mexico Featured Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Flamingo - Cozumel: 5% Discount

Belize Featured Hotels & Resorts
Ambergris Caye's White Sands Cove Resort - Ambergris Caye: 5% Discount
Blue Tang Inn and Resort - Ambergris Caye: 10% Discount
Easy Living Apartments - Placencia: 5% Discount
Long Caye Island Resort - Long Caye: 5% Discount
Mata Rocks Resort - Ambergris Caye: 10% Discount
Playa Blanca Dive & Beach Club - Ambergris Caye: 5% Discount
Rum Point Inn - Placencia: 10% Discount
Soulshine Resort and Spa - Placencia: 10% Discount
SunBreeze Hotel - Ambergris Caye: 10% Discount

Cayman Islands Featured Hotels & Resorts
Cayman Breakers Condominiums - Cayman Brac: 10% Discount
Northern Lights Condos - Grand Cayman: 10% Discount

Trinidad and Tobago Featured Hotels & Resorts
Arthurs By The Sea - Crown Point: 5% Discount
Ocean Point Hotel - Tobago - Tobago: 10% Discount

Bay Islands Featured Hotels & Resorts
Paradise Beach Club - Roatan: 5% Discount
The Inn of Last Resort - Roatan: 5% Discount

St. Lucia Featured Hotels & Resorts
Bay Gardens Inn - Rodney Bay: 10% Discount
Gateway Villas - Cap Estate and Trouya Beach: 5% Discount
Hotel Capri, St. Lucia - Smugglers Cove, Cap Estate: 10% Discount
Seascape - Castries: 5% Discount
Stonefield Estate Villa Resort - Soufriere: 5% Discount
The Inn On The Bay - Marigot Bay: 10% Discount
Villa Serendipity - Castries: 5% Discount

Bahamas Featured Hotels & Resorts
Old Bahama Bay - Grand Bahama Island: 5% Discount

Jamaica Featured Hotels & Resorts
Fairway Manor B&B - Montego Bay: 5% Discount
Fairway Manor Villa - Montego Bay: 5% Discount

St. Croix Featured Hotels & Resorts
Hotel on the Cay - : 5% Discount

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